My debut novel (Stairwell Books 2020)

Helena Hailstanes is sick of the secluded life her father, Sam, forces her to live on the shores of Loch Duie. She runs away and encounters Megan, who as a muddled and meddling young Sea Witch, cursed Helena and Sam, creatures of an ancient race of shapeshifting otters, to remain in human form. With Megan in her life again, this time meaning well but causing chaos, Helena embarks on a course with the potential to harm both herself and others.


“If you thought young adult fiction had no new tales to tell about strange shapeshifting creatures, then think again, because you won’t have read a novel as wonderfully different as The Water Bailiff’s Daughter”. And I’m sure you’ve never come across a character to compare with Helena Hailstanes: part-witch, part-otter, part-human…100% extraordinary heroine.”

-Martyn Bedford, author of “Flip”, shortlisted for the Costa Children’s Book Award.

“This lovely, tangled narrative draws us into a magical world and convinces us to remain. The fluidity to the language pulls us along in a current where good and evil are entwined; the story is told in a simple, direct, persuasive way so that we are compelled to believe in it.”

-Alan Smith, Author